Residential Plumbing / Commercial Plumbing /Heating Services

Residential Plumbing

 From leaky pipes, toilet, faucet repair and installation to radian  heating and boilers our trained service technicians have what it takes  for all your plumbing and heating needs. 

Commercial Plumbing

 Leaking faucets, Running toilets slow or clogged floor drains.  Call us today to sign up for our service contracts to help your business  run smoothly. 

Sewer Lines/Water Main

 From slow tub/shower drains to clogged or slow main lines we can help.   Whether your sewer is cracked or clogged with roots we have the tools  to get the job done. Have your sewer line camera today.   

Old lead pipes or broken water mains. Call us today and we can replace your water service. 

Basic Plumbing


 Whatever your plumbing needs are there is no  job to small. From leaky faucets to routine repairs and maintenance  removing and installing new fixtures to running toilets and much more.   We at Patriot Mechanical are here to proudly service you. Call or email  us today to schedule a free estimate for your next project. Also visit  our discounts page for offers on your next service call.                         

Basic Heating

  From conventional boilers to radiant heating  our trained technicians are here to provide you with excellent service  to keep you warm. Routine maintenance is key in keeping your heating  system running smoothly all winter long. Call us today to schedule a  free consultation. We offer yearly maintenance start ups to your system  to keep your boiler running great for years to come.                         

Sewers & Drains


Whether you have a small clog from you  bathtub, shower, or sink or can’t use your home or business at all  Patriot Mechanical can help you. From paper towels, to wipes, or even  roots or broken pipes we have help resolve your drainage issues and get  you flowing in a hurry. Call us today for your next service call.                         

New Construction/Remodeling

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.  When your need a plumber for your next construction project call the  experts at Patriot Mechanical Contracting. Whether your building your  dream home or renovating your dream home Patriot Mechanical has the  knowledge and capability to get the job done right. From your basic  plumbing and heating installations to your high end faucets, whirlpool  tubs, body spray showers and steam baths. Give us a call today to  schedule a free estimate.                          


 Whatever your commercial plumbing needs are we are here to help you with  our emergency service or regular maintenance. From leaky dripping  faucets to clogged floor drains and toilets we are trained to get you up  and running again. Want to keep your drains flowing smoothly and your  hot water running give us a call today and ask about our maintenance  packages to help you minimize your emergencies so you can focus on  running your business.